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A sporty yet sophisticated bag for every day.
Take it to the gym, bring it to work or fill it up for an overnight. 
This bag is lightweight and water resistant, made with sturdy nylon and refined details in vegan leather.

• Steele & Borough drawstring bag included.
• Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
• Dimensions in cm:  L 50 H 25 W 25.
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    Dimensions in cm: L 50 H 25 W 25.
    Volume: 31,25 L.
    Hand washable in cold water.

    • Water resistent sturdy nylon, details in vegan leather.
    • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap in heavy cotton canvas.

    • Zip pocket, 30x15cm in size.
    • Two smaller open pockets.

    Also included:
    • Steele & Borough drawstring bag. Perfect for wet towels or shoes.


    We offer 14 day free Returns in Sweden and all EU countries.

    Making the bag

    The design philosophy behind all products from Steele & Borough is based on an extreme focus on details. When making a bag we find it important that all parts are well thought out and that the functions and aesthetics blend together in a natural expression. It is also very fun to really go deep when making a new product.
    - Why, how and for what? All these questions needs to have an answer before we produce a new product.
    Let’s have a closer look at the features that or products have.

    The zipper

    We see the zipper as the ”key” to our products. Opening and closing.
    The shape of the zipper takes it’s obvious influences from our trademark.
    The big hole in the hexagon serves for a perfect grip. The top of the zipper is round which works as a good contrast to the edgy bottom part, but it also lets the zipper move smoothly in the zipper holder without getting stuck. It is slightly thicker in the bottom to give the right feel and sturdy-ness to it.

    The inside fabric

    After a couple of years of developing almost every detail of our bags we came down to the inside. We had a vision of a Steele & Borough pattern that would decorate the inside of all our inner fabrics. We both thought it would be a great idea to contact an external expert in the field to let some fresh independent air into our product. Futuristic artist Nandi Nobell proved to be the perfect match to Steele & Boroughs more classic design approach.
    He made the most beautiful pattern with a perfect discrete hint to our hexagon logo, picking up the essence of what we stand for: Subtle classic elegance meeting today without staring in the rear mirror.

    The shoulder straps

    Starting from top we have the shoulder strap. It is made out of thick cotton canvas with metal parts. This material is great because of its softness and durability. What is also good is that the structure of it makes it less prone to slipp on your shoulder witch is a problem with smoother nylon straps when for example carrying them towards a suit material.
    All shoulder straps are off-course detachable and length adjustable.

    Grabbing the handles

    The handles and some other details are made of vegan leather witch has some benefits. It is for example water repellant and lightweight. Every part of the vegan leather is stitched carefully and reinforced where needed. For example the attachment of the handles have an additional cross-stitching and the D-ring holder on the sides have double stitched lines for durability. Also the side parts under the handle that sort of embraces the body of the bag have the important function to give the bag some stiffness but also reinforcement when carrying more heavy packing. All vegan leather parts are designed with distinct straight lines witch creates a good contrast to the soft nylon parts and gives the whole bag more character. The handle length is well measured to not get the ”dangling” feeling that longer handles can give.

    The exterior nylon

    As main exterior material on our bags we use a very durable nylon. It has a structured finish that is sporty and rigid and makes a nice contrast to our more smooth and ”elegant” vegan leather parts. Besides that, it’s very durable, it’s also water repellent and doesn’t pic up dirt as easy as more smooth nylon materials does. For us it’s important that the bag is functional and lives up to the tool that we see it as, and assists you well in your everyday life.

    The metal feet

    All our mens duffels and mens weekender bags has small metal feet under them. These stops the bottom of the bag from touching the ground when putting it down and keeps it away from dirt and water. A small practical part, and very important, at least we think.