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Duffel bags

The Classic Duffel BagThe Classic Duffel Bag
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The Forrest Duffel BagThe Forrest Duffel Bag
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The Beige Duffel BagThe Beige Duffel Bag
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The Beige Duffel Bag

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The Black Duffel BagThe Black Duffel Bag
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The Navy Duffel Bag MThe Navy Duffel Bag M
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The Black Duffel Bag WThe Black Duffel Bag W
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The Black Duffel Bag MThe Black Duffel Bag M
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The design philosophy behind all products from Steele & Borough is based on an extreme focus on details.
When making a bag we find it important that all parts are well thought out and that the functions and aesthetics blend together in a natural expression.

Our bags are made of a durable, water repellent nylon and well tailored vegan leather details. All bags also come with practical inside pockets, sturdy zippers with our signature zipper-pullers and elegant inside fabric with the Steele & Borough monogram pattern print. 

We strive for timeless looks and progressive thinking. That’s why we make P.E.T.A approved vegan bags that hopefully will last changing trends and become a longtime companion in your everyday carrying needs.

Making the bag

"I think every small detail of a product is equally important and that they together can express something that is bigger than themselves, like a well playing orchestra.

With influences from the past and present I aim to give the product a natural and timeless character so that it hopefully will be used regardless of changing trends."

// Steele & Borough co-founder and designer Niklas Bandobranski