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A Synthesis of Style and Functionality

Elevating Travel Essentials for the Modern Explorer

Steele & Borough has invested seven years in the meticulous development of the ideal Weekender Bag. This endeavor has culminated in a travel essential that skillfully blends classic elegance with the efficiency of contemporary materials. The result is more than just a Men Weekender Bag; it's a versatile travel companion that caters to a diverse range of needs.

A Fusion of Time-Honored Design and Modern Innovation
The Weekender Bag by Steele & Borough stands as a testament to the brand's design ethos, which marries traditional aesthetics with modern, sustainable materials. Every aspect of the Duffle Bag Weekender has been thoughtfully crafted, from its spacious, water-resistant nylon build to its smooth vegan leather handles. Perfectly sized for travel, this bag offers a unique combination of style and functionality, making it one of the Best Weekend Bags available today.

Sustainable Materials in Modern Design
Embracing ethical and practical materials, Steele & Borough uses P.E.T.A approved vegan components in its Weekender Bags. Manufactured in a BSCI audited facility, each Travel Bag Weekender upholds high standards of social responsibility. This approach reflects the brand's commitment to responsible design, in tune with the sensibilities of 21st-century consumers.

Enhanced Functionality for Contemporary Needs
The Weekender Bag is equipped with thoughtful features to enhance its utility. It includes a drawstring bag for storing items like wet towels or shoes and a protective cotton canvas dustbag. The Black Weekender Bag and other color variants boast a distinctive hexagon monogram pattern interior, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Designed for Today's Dynamic Lifestyle
Steele & Borough has designed its Weekender Bag with the modern traveler in mind, ensuring it meets the diverse requirements of today's lifestyle. Whether used for short getaways or as a daily accessory, the bag's dimensions are ideal for ease of travel and everyday use.

Innovation at the Heart of Design
At the heart of Steele & Borough's success is an innovative spirit, merging the robustness and functionality of contemporary vegan materials with the allure of classic designs. This inventive approach has resulted in a Weekender Bag that resonates with today's professionals, who value both style and practicality.

In conclusion, the Steele & Borough Weekender Bag is not just a travel accessory but an embodiment of the brand's innovative approach to design. It stands out as a premier choice for those seeking a functional, stylish, and ethically produced Weekender Bag, perfectly attuned to the demands of modern travel and lifestyle.

We made it for you, and we took our time.

purposely engineered

P.E.T.A approved vegan leather

Water-Repellent Nylon


Adjustable Detachable Straps

Logo Engraved Zippers


Customade Monogram Pattern

Hexagon monogram interior


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