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Seven years

to get you a perfect bag for the weekend

Our mission has always been simple

– to create bags so well-engineered they will become the classics of tomorrow. So that’s what we did, without cutting any corners whatsoever. Achieving durability, sustainability, usability, versatility, and a sleek design takes a lot of effort. About 100 prototypes and 7 years’ worth of effort to be exact, but who’s counting? Anyway, that’s what it takes if your aim is to create something so timeless, that you’ll be proud to wear it on your arm a decade from now. This is our story and our reason why.

For the longest time, design classics have intrigued us. It can be furniture, cars, watches, or bags, but they are items of impeccable design with the ability to outlive trends and stay in fashion for decades. The design classics we love can be found on runways, among select watchmakers, or in IKEAS vintage stores. Exclusivity has never been a factor, but attention to detail and the work that goes into creating something beautiful always is.

Our two co-founders Catherine and Niklas have about two decades of experience in the fashion industry and industrial design respectively. That combination of experiences is an important clue to understanding the design aesthetic and the love of craft that defines Steele & Borough. A deep appreciation of how different design elements and materials can interact in an accessory, in combination with insights into what it takes to bring fashion to the market is what drives our company and brand. Design is inevitably connected both to marketing and craft, as we always have a customer in mind when we create our bags. To us, true luxury is not about a steep price tag, it’s about enduring quality and minute attention to detail that makes using our bags a pleasure to use. And as we think luxury should be a victimless vice, we made our bags from vegan leather that is as practical as it is stylish. It was a bold choice when we started our business in 2015, but then again at the time, so were electric cars and milk made from oatmeal. Please enjoy your Steele & Borough. We made it for you, and we took our time.

We made it for you, and we took our time.

purposely engineered

P.E.T.A approved vegan leather

Water-Repellent Nylon


Adjustable Detachable Straps

Logo Engraved Zippers


Customade Monogram Pattern

Metal Feet For Protection


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