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Your Perfectly Versatile Companion

Discover the Quintessential Half Day Travel Bag

Embark on your daily adventures with the Half Day Travel Bag from Steele & Borough, a marvel of design that blends sleek aesthetics with unmatched versatility. This weekender bag is the epitome of minimalist elegance, crafted for those who value both style and functionality.

A Testament to Minimalist Design and Durability

The Half Day Travel Bag stands out with its navy blue water-resistant nylon body, complemented by luxe tan vegan leather accents. This sophisticated color palette is not only timeless but also versatile, suitable for any occasion or destination. The bag's sleek urban duffel form is a nod to the modern traveler who appreciates the fine balance between classic style and contemporary needs.

Designed for the Agile Traveler

Recognizing the diverse needs of today's travelers, this bag is meticulously sized to be hand luggage compliant, effortlessly fitting into airplane cabins. It offers a spacious interior within the constraints of portability, making it the perfect choice for those quick trips where efficiency and ease are paramount.

Smart Organizational Features

In lieu of a shoe compartment, the Half Day Travel Bag features an innovative water-repellent compartment, perfect for keeping your wet and dry items separate. This smart addition ensures that your belongings stay organized and accessible, whether you're transitioning from a workout to work, or from a rainy street to a cozy café.

Uncompromising Quality and Ethical Fashion

Durability is at the heart of this travel bag's design, with its robust material and high-quality metal zipper pullers. The adjustable cotton strap enhances comfort and durability, providing a reliable travel partner that's built to last. And as an eco-friendly luxury product, it upholds ethical fashion standards with its PETA-approved vegan leather, making it an accessory you can carry with pride.

Your All-Purpose Travel Essential

The Half Day Travel Bag is not just any men's weekender bag; it's a versatile powerhouse. Whether you're looking for a gym-to-office bag or an adventure-ready weekender, this bag adapts to fit your lifestyle. It's a sustainable vegan leather duffel that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or functionality.

A stack of Steele & Borough weekender bags in an array of colors including navy blue, tan, and olive green, each featuring the signature tan straps and the discreet logo, signifying versatility and style

Swedish Minimalism Redefined

Crafting Innovation with Every Design

Embarking on a swift journey with just the essentials requires a bag that is not only functional but also an extension of one's personal style. This is the philosophy Steele & Borough has perfected with their Half Day Travel Bag. Steele & Borough isn't just another brand in the travel gear market; it's a pioneer in redefining travel elegance through a lens of Swedish minimalism and innovative design.

Crafted for the active, versatile lifestyle of modern professionals, Steele & Borough bags seamlessly transition from the high-powered boardroom to the casual boardwalk, ensuring that style and substance are never compromised. The Half Day Travel Bag is a testament to this brand ethos, blending a sleek urban aesthetic with the practicality of water-repellent materials and a versatile form factor.

Durability is a cornerstone of the Steele & Borough promise, evident in the bag's ballistic nylon and vegan leather, materials chosen for their resilience and ethical sourcing. Recognized by PETA, this commitment to sustainable luxury means you're carrying more than just a bag; you're toting a statement of conscious craftsmanship.

purposely engineered

P.E.T.A approved vegan leather

Water-Repellent Nylon


Adjustable Detachable Straps

Logo Engraved Zippers


Customade Monogram Pattern

Hexagon monogram interior


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Crafted for the essentials, our bag is the essence of minimalist design—sleek, smart, and uncomplicated. Merging innovation with practicality we use water-reistant vegan leather keeping your things dry.