The film

Swedish film director and script writer Linnéa Roxeheim has made Steele & Boroughs first commercial film.With the title Re-inventing classics as brief, she started to create freely. - When thinking of the future and development you emidietly end up in a laboratory. So I surrendered for that scenery and mixed it up with some key-words I could identify with Steele & Borough, vegan, inspiration, collaboration and equality. 

Happy Jankell - Her
Philip Oros - Him
Linnéa Roxeheim - Director & Screenwriter

Erik Nordlund - DOP
Daniela Krestelica - Costume & Makeup design
Olle Söderlund - Production Design
Daniel Svanberg - Light
Jimmy Francis - FAD
Pablo Labanino -  Editor 
Calle Wachmeister- Composer & Sound mix
Postproduction - Gangsters

Julius Denizhan - VFX & Online
Björn Frithiof - Grade
Tilde Franzén - Executive Producer, Newnew