The campaign

Paris based photographer Niklas Bergstrand from the photo duo DULJAK BERGSTRAND shot Steele & Borough's latest campaign in cooperation with ad agency Ahlstrand and Wållgren. The theme and title of the campaign was the game of words "Steele this” with the obvious inspiration from our brand name. The end result became scenes where people are stealing the bag from each other. The campaign was shot in Paris since the scenery and people are awesome. In many ways the streets of Paris has influenced some of the greatest cities on earth, such as New York City and London. So for us it was the perfect back-drop to bring the Steele & Borough spirit alive. We casted people on the street and asked some of our local friends to step in and be part of the shoot. A snap-shot of reality of real people in the streets, to add authenticity to the campaign Niklas took the photos with and analogue camera and natural light.