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Elegant black Weekend Bag on a white background, showcasing the classic design and portabilityInterior view of the black Weekend Bag, displaying the spacious compartment and internal pockets
The Weekender Svart REA-pris2 300 kr
The Duffel ForestThe Duffel Forest
The Duffel Forest REA-pris1 900 kr
Den svarta PortföljenDen svarta Portföljen
Den svarta Portföljen REA-pris1 500 kr
The Duffel svartThe Duffel svart
The Duffel svart REA-pris1 900 kr
The duffel blåThe duffel blå
The duffel blå REA-pris1 900 kr
The Weekender small The Weekender small
The Weekender small REA-pris2 000 kr
The Briefcase grönThe Briefcase grön
The Briefcase grön REA-pris1 500 kr

Step into the world of Steele & Borough with our Men's Holdall Bags, where functionality meets sleek design, tailored for the dynamic lifestyle of modern travelers. Each piece in our collection reflects a commitment to high-quality materials and ethical craftsmanship, aligning with the needs of conscious consumers.

These holdalls are crafted to accompany you on any travel adventure, whether it’s a business meeting or a weekend escape. With a focus on durability and a minimalist aesthetic, our bags ensure you travel with ease and style. The spacious design allows for everything you need while on the move, from clothing to tech gadgets, all stowed away neatly in intuitive compartments.

Steele & Borough's Men's Holdall Bags are more than just luggage; they are a travel partner that adapts to your needs, reflecting a blend of timeless style and innovative design. Perfect for those who appreciate luggage that’s both practical and presentable, these bags embody the spirit of adventure and the ease of functionality. Dive into our collection today and find your perfect travel companion, ready to join you on your next journey.