Two stubborn soules in the same boat...

Catherine: "I had not seen or talked to Niklas in 15 years when I picked up the phone and called him about my idea for the first time. And just two months after that first call we had developed a collection of bags that a big Swedish department store placed an order for. Having worked as a distributor for ten years it's very rare that a buyer places an order after the first meeting. I realized we had created something special and our business journey together started - and our honeymoon of getting acquainted ended."
Catherine: "With two completely different backgrounds in both work and persona, things do not always work smoothly. I wanted to create a lot of different bags, as I was used to present a large collection to potential buyers. Niklas on the other hand wanted to create just a few styles but that would be really well thought out."
Niklas: "I see little meaning in creating products that follow trends, it must have it’s own character. I like when you see a product and think you recognize it somehow, but then, at a closer look, explore that it is something really new."
Catherine: "We ended up making 50 styles but keeping only 6 of them, these 6 styles has been refined every season. However, in everything we do, our different characteristics works as fuel."
Catherine: "Me being half French and Niklas being half Serbian sometimes creates heated discussions at the office, but thanks to our Swedish diplomacy-roots we always manage to find a solution. I'm fast in everything I do, always wanting to move forward, where as Niklas is more of a thinker, always searching to find the right answer before pulling the trigger. Every detail on our bags has had it’s fair amount of focus. For example the hexagon zipper puller was something that Niklas spent about 100 hours on finding the perfect dimensions for."
Niklas: "Catherine
thinks you just push a button and then out comes the perfect bag. But our occasional argues seems to give the brand new air over time. Two stubborn souls working hard to get forward, sometimes as friends and sometimes not, but always in the same boat."
Catherine: "We actually grew up a few blocks from each other and went to the same school as kids. But back then two years of difference in age ment two different worlds. We never really got to know each other then, but Niklas recalls me as being 'the girl in the pink house' with the strange nickname 'Kaktus'. It's funny how life's rollercoaster takes you to different places and then back again..."