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Inspirationen startade med....

Our material - vegan leather

When starting Steele & Borough we both felt that the vegan direction was the future – and still is. There was something intriguing about creating classic looking bags with a more contemporary material. Above that, vegan leather has some great advantages. The most obvious is of course that no animals are harmed in the process of making it. But there is more. Our vegan leather is made out of PU, which is lightweight and water-resistant This serves well when commuting to work on an everyday basis and don’t want to add any extra weight or worry about what pouring rain will do to your bag. It also has the practical aspect that when taking care of it you can just wipe it off with a wet cloth if it gets dirty, nothing more.

Our design - It`s in the details

The Steele & Borough zipper-puller was sketched down in roughly 15 minutes. Initial ideas can come really fast. But after that often comes a long process of getting things it into the right size, finding the right material and testing the function e.t.c. Sometime 24 hours is enough, sometimes 24 days is enough. We believe in making the very best we can out of every detail, and that these details together creates a great bag that will last a long time. That is what defines the spirit behind Steele & Borough.