The S&B story starts with a phone call  in mid 2014. -It felt a little nervous to call someone from your childhood like that, maybe he would think I had some secred crush on him or something.. -anyway,  some of my friends had told me he was a talented designer, and thats what I needed to realize the project that I had in mind says Catherine.

- I remembered her as the girl in the pink house says Niklas.  I never really knew her but we grew  up close-by.  After some small talks on the phone she came to the point and asked me if I could help her design a collection of bags.

-I had never really approached that area of products before, ”soft-goods” I always saw my self as ”hard-goods” man, says Niklas with a smile. But I have always had a big interest  in fashion and the values of emotions around products and brands. I really liked the name of the brand she had come up with and the idea of using vegan leather seemed fresh and probably filled with challenging preconceptions. 

So my answear was  -lets do it!

chapter two: grocery bags

People need bags to carry their gym-shoes, keys, laptops, ipads and clothes e.t.c. That is no news.. What was new to me though was that I saw less and less people carrying their belongings in grocery bags or gym clothes in bags with a soda-ad on, says Catherine. 

By seeing this I also recognized a sort of un-explored landscape between the grocery bags and expensive designer bags.

I have always been interested in fashion and business. I started already as a teen-ager, by importing stretch jeans from Paris and selling them to friends in school. The combination of luxury and accessibility and what that formula looks like is what makes me go. 

CHAPTER THREE: working 9-5

Since I had a 9-5 to take care of in daytime I started drawing bags on nights, weekends and vacations says Niklas. My whole mind dived into Steele & Borough. Catherine focused on production, web and sales.

We hardly saw each other in the beginning,  both working in our own tunnel to eventually meet somewhere.. Half a year later our first collection was shipped and we launched at Åhlens City, the largest department store in Stockholm.  After a couple of weeks we got the great news that everything was sold out.


Now we share office and meet in real life every day. The tunnel digging continues though, we just bump into each other more frequently.  

We are pretty different from each other, have different ways to work, but it´s good, it creates a lot of questions that has to be answered, and that makes the wheels turn, we never stand still. 

Thats the energy behind Steele & Borough.