All work and no fun makes for a rather dull job. Needless to say, there are a few places in the world where boring is not a part of the daily quota. And these are surely the most interesting workplaces that we have seen. Apart from having the best interior designs an office can have, they also have the element of surprise. So skating to your next meeting? That sounds intriguing.

Prepare your resumes ladies & gents because you are about to get some serious work envy from Fashion Beans:


Looking for inspiring trends to follow up on? London Fashion Week has showcased fast forward fashion items for 2017 ,that are still wearable, to emphasize the way that modern men wear their masculinity using bold statements and at times gender fluid fashion.

Day to day activities are increasingly more complex and often have us on the go at all times. So get ready to welcome a new trend: “athleisure”.  For the daily moves of the modern man and the versatility of outerwear and sportswear combined into one style. 

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Don't break the bank, shop smart

Teenagers are rapidly expanding to become the new adults of the world. And leaving their mark certainly is of utmost importance since being unique is becoming harder and harder to achieve. 

So, of course image is key. Tonality is a deal breaker. A quirky mind set is a plus. Here's to shopping brands, breaking the bank and looking stylish: Esquire is covering the lives of 14 year olds today and it is on fast forward.


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We enjoy a good tennis match as much as any sports enthusiast would. Or maybe it is because we miss the green that reminds us of a long time-no see spring. Or maybe both.

So it came as no surprise that GQ loves tennis as well, and not only that, but Roger Federer was offered the title of 2016's Most Stylish Man, due to his less is more apparel that exudes elegant simplicity. And being a tennis pro can also come in handy to gather up some votes.


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PANTONE – (“Forrest”) green is in! is spot on: Pantone doesn’t miss a beat so this year we got a pretty bold choice to use in our daily moves, but bear in mind that less is more definitely applies here. Unless you want to really pop out.

And we are all for green shades. So follow up on the link below to see how you can balance your style to fit the new trends + how crazy to go with the accessories. And who would know better than our own Mr.Necessary Chateau & Sir Von Trip Chateau who teamed up for one common mission: bring it (green) on! 

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