Remember when owning a leather bag was a must have? We've already forgotten about that ever since a rather comfortable (and stylish) trend is going strong. And we are all for trading in our old bags for a versatile backpack: the modern man's haull-all.

Some might say that this is old news. Yes, backpacks over bags is something that we have been seeing around for quite some time now. But it's all in the details. The shapes. The fabrics. The touch.  And a man's bag selection is often an extension of his own character.

Our newest Spring 2017 collection is here to do just that: shape your daily moves in character.

Don't know where to go from here? We'll give you a little hand on deciding:

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TRAVELLING & it’s (sometimes not so many) pleasures

Who doesn’t love a trip somewhere new and exciting? Maybe to a destination across the ocean. And everybody knows what that means - jet lag. So besides your usual packing and lists in order to not forget anything (might be a long way back to retrieve it) you also have to deal with the not so popular jet lag for the first couple of days. Sir Von Trip has been travelling on many such occasions so he knows all the best tips and tricks to keep us fresh and not dread long distance travelling.

So, grab a pair of comfy slippers and some reading glasses and start gathering the info:

What to pack:

Jet lag:

 Bags to go:

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MR WORKAHOLIC – Office on the go!

Modern day movement is different that we have grown up to know it in the past decades. Office time is no longer your usual 9 to 5, one desk schedule and we are more flexible than always. Meetings now push for relaxing environments instead of cold office spaces so this has us more on the go than indoors.

And we stand by this new way of living and working.

2017 is all about freedom of movement.

Since we long for more man to nature time, we have started to adapt our schedules and our thinking in order to be able to meet the (rather comfortable) demands of living in 2017:prepared to grab our office on the go at any time and just be on our way. So, where are we today? Mr. Workaholic decided he wanted some fresh air. And who are we to deny such a simple pleasure?

Office to go ready in a (New York) minute and we’re off.

Our desk today is Central Park.

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Modern Gentleman

MR Gently loves to read British GQ..In the march issue they featured how to be a modern gentleman, here is our favorite quotes:

  • knows the best florist in town
  • never reads fiction unless facing an ocean
  • has at least two jewellers in this little black book
  • Always makes conversation with the Uber driver
  • Pretends to understand the bags and shoes thing.
  • Listens more the talk
  • Never uses "boss", "mate" or "pal"
  • Knows "Netflix and chill" is a state of mind


Mr Workoholic work tools

Mr Workohlic would like to take this opportunity to present his best work advice:

  • When working on something close down email not to get distracted
  • Store all files/images in Dropbox
  • Use Evernote to make notes
  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself, it can be fun to work..





Traveler: Sir Von Trip

Oui! We’re going to a chateau! Wine tastings and romance in the countryside. This is where I belong. By your side. I’ve got the right looks with that rugged yet sophisticated look. I promise to be a true companion and keep all your things in order. I am perfect for going away for a couple of days as I am roomy enough but still is easy to pack down in the compartment of an old two seater sports car.. 

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