MR WORKAHOLIC – Office on the go!


Modern day movement is different that we have grown up to know it in the past decades. Office time is no longer your usual 9 to 5, one desk schedule and we are more flexible than always. Meetings now push for relaxing environments instead of cold office spaces so this has us more on the go than indoors.

And we stand by this new way of living and working.

2017 is all about freedom of movement.

Since we long for more man to nature time, we have started to adapt our schedules and our thinking in order to be able to meet the (rather comfortable) demands of living in 2017:prepared to grab our office on the go at any time and just be on our way. So, where are we today? Mr. Workaholic decided he wanted some fresh air. And who are we to deny such a simple pleasure?

Office to go ready in a (New York) minute and we’re off.

Our desk today is Central Park.

Catherine NilsonComment