It doesn't just have to stop at clothing, it goes further nowadays. Personalizing every single item in our lives has never been easier. We are all searching for our unique style and we tend to surround ourselves with interesting objects in order to find it.

Here is an interesting choice of modularity, by chocolate designers & creative hands. If you liked Legos as a kid, then this will surely be your to go gift idea.

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We are all probably sitting at our desks right now, working on our laptops. And why wouldn't we? It is just a normal tuesday morning after all. But what if we just pause that for a moment and take a trip into our minds to a few breathtakingly beautiful place around the world.

And who better to lead us on that path of discovery than National Geographic? They have gathered a handful of destinations that one must see in a lifetime.

And why not start now? The world is just at the tip of our toes.

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Golf has turned into a stylish sport. And it has been a must have in the modern urban man's life ever since Mr. Woods. Tiger Woods. Meetings with clients, relaxing with friends or simply having some alone time have been associated to the wonder that is a big green golf course and the silence of a good game. 

All this comes with a stylish approach nowadays. And we are most happy to see the polyester and pleated business casual of the 90's, take a much deserved breather. So, make room for stylish yet casual golfing. Starting from the top:

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The generation that has mastered the art of mix & matching is styling it up in hundreds of ways to get that vibe or set a certain mood. Being an influencer is a full time job in an Instagram age and needless to say it takes a whole lot of hustling to get the job done. But what is unique nowadays? What dictates a personal style and what makes us different from one another when originality tends to gradually become obsolete.

We followed up on Tommy Lei from My Belonging on what personal style means to him as a representative of the modern day Instagram generation:

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