Portable lifestyle for the 21st century

Based in Stockholm, Steele & Borough launched in 2014 with an alternative approach to men’s bags and accessories. Driven by a vision to merge classic cuts with contemporary materials Steele & Borough create bags and accessories through an idea of what classic style can be in the 21st century.


It’s spring 2014 and Catherine Nilson with a background in the fashion industry notices men on the streets with plastic bags as gymbags. With the overload of choices for women’s bags in an accessible price range it seemed the same area for men echoed of hallowness. With that in mind the idéa of a mensbags brand starts to take shape. Togther with her friend they come up with the name Steele & Borough. Equipped with a vision and a name but no products to sell Catherine starts looking for a potential partner. 

On the other side of town Niklas is designing products from 9-5 and dreaming of a new challenge in life. A mutual friend introduced him to Catherine. ”You could say we went on a business blind date and ’clicked’. We had an instant understanding over the vision: 

Classic, contemporary, accessible and vegan”