Founded by two childhood friends who share a vision to shake up the old fashioned values of what luxury and up-market design is, Steele & Borough create bags through an idea of what classic style can be.

– How something makes you feel should not depend on the price. You can be up-market through thought and presentation. It’s really interesting to create this curiosity because there’s nothing more boring than something that is obvious, says designer and co-founder Niklas Bandobranski.

Wether you are on the subway, in a gym or en route to a distant location in the world, Steele & Borough follows you with a sense of pride and consciousness by it’s timeless designs and modern values.

– Right from the start we both agreed that animals should never be harmed in the process of shaping our vision of modern and classic design, says co-founder Catherine Nilson.


Niklas recalls the moment he designed Steele & Boroughs first bags ”Sir Von Trip”, and ”Mr Workoholic”  and how the pieces fell into place.

– Leather bags are extremely rooted amongst men, and they were even with a small part of me at that time. Either you had a leather briefcase or a bag made with leather details. But I started to question that. Style is not about a certain a material or a price-tag. For me it’s about shape, attention to details and creative freedom.

Together, Catherine and Niklas constantly strive to give their bags and accessories a purpose for their existence. With effortless looks and conscious choices Steele & Borough's aim is to make its owners proud.